Amethyst Private Investigations, LLC.

Rebecca Watson, A.P.I. (Owner)

 Contact:  480-284-8358, P.O. Box 51957, Mesa, AZ 85208


If you want clarity in your life or you want to know the truth about an issue, such as, is your partner faithful to you or does he or she have a shady past, is this potential employee right for our business, is your child or elderly loved one being abused,  then you will want a thorough investigation.  Our mission is to provide honest and thorough investigations to meet your needs. My goal is to discover the truth to a personal, professional or criminal issue in the most thorough way possible using the latest technology.

I have a proven track record of collecting and gathering the substantiating evidence needed to support the truth regarding the issue at hand.  In a court of law decisions are based on evidence that supports the truth. Our company motto is "What does the evidence say"?

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I am licensed, bonded and insured through the state of Arizona. I am a member of the Arizona Association for Licensed Private Investigators. I uphold the utmost of confidentiality in all issues. 

If you want the truth, then call today to set up an appointment to inquire of our services and rates that best fits your needs.